GAP and the MCG along with FORCE, an NGO working in the field of water conservation, conducted an extensive survey of the state of rainwater harvesting pits in residential apartment blocks and colonies across Gurgaon to determine whether they were functioning properly. Based on the survey and research, GAP proposed a detailed plan for rejuvenating defunct pits and building new ones to help capture rainwater and alleviate the impact of a rapidly depleting
water table. The plan is now underway in parts of Gurgaon where there are active associations of home owner. A second round of audits of pits were conducted and repairs were undertaken and in the third phase, the plan is to build new pits in areas lacking any rainwater harvesting structures.

To know more about effective rainwater harvesting, watch interview of Jyoti Sharma, President, FORCE.

To know more about how to plan for community and civic agency participation in creating effective rainwater harvesting in cities  contact us

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