Ongoing Programs

Polythene Free Gurgaon

As waste management is one of the biggest challenges that the city face, Gurgaon Action Plan decided to bring together citizens and the administration to work together to make the city free of disposable and non-recyclable plastic.
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Jal Jagruti Abhiyan

With Gurgaon’s water table depleting at an alarming rate, the residents and government must focus on rainwater harvesting. GAP and the civic agencies conducted an intensive survey of the rainwater harvesting pits in residential.
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Community farming

GAP is piloting an urban farming project in Sector 10A in Gurgaon with the aim to engage community with farming in park spaces and give access to fresh healthy organically grown vegetables.

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Gurgaon Artists Festival 2

After successfully organizing the Gurgaon Artists Festival in 2016, which brought together a community of resident artists in a week-long festival of art and culture, the Gurgaon Action Plan is planning the second such festival.
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All Programs


Our aim to make Gurugram a cleaner city through better waste management involves working closely with the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) in the design, implementation and monitoring of an integrated plan to make MCG areas a zero-waste habitat by 2020.
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We have been working with parents, school management and the Haryana Education department to understand, suggest, and implement ideas for a healthier and more effective and inclusive education system for all sections of society.
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Gurgaon’s infrastructure has not kept pace with the rapid development of the city. Its roads, drainage system, public transport system, pedestrian pathways—in fact, the entire infrastructure needs to be overhauled.
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Companies seem to dislike the term ‘turnaround consulting’ because it represents failure. The truth is that turnaround consulting represents success at realizing the company is going in the wrong direction.
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The poor state of street lighting across Gurugram has been a major safety issue. We conducted an extensive survey of various areas to identify stretches that were badly lit, and traced the cause behind the lack of adequate lighting in the city.
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We aim to create a culturally vibrant and beautiful city. We brought together major artists to create works of art on MG Road, the city’s main artery. We also created a platform for artists, singers, and dancers to celebrate the cultural performances.
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