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As a community-based initiative for responsive governance, Gurugram Action Plan aims to also extend support for all such projects in the country.  The Rurban Initiatives project reflects our vision to become the hub of an ecosystem for citizen-driven projects to create sustainable habitats by collaborating with civic agencies.  We expect that such groups will use this platform to share best practices and practical suggestions based on in-depth experience.  The Gurugram Action Plan’s campaign posters, survey-based studies, and other content can be used for reference or as templates for projects in other cities in the areas of waste management, infrastructure, education, health and safety.

Agencies for GAP’s governance projects

  • Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority
  • Municipal Corporation of Gurugram
  • Haryana Urban Development Authority
  • Public Works Department
  • Ministry of Urban Development

Best Practices

Waste management

Proposal for solid municipal waste management: This proposal was crafted by Gurugram Action Plan after several discussions with experts and civic authorities. Download

SoP for Polythene-free Gurgaon for residential areas: This document lists the do’s and don’ts to free Gurugram from the use of polythene. Download
Detailed list of activities launched under the Polythene-free Gurgaon campaign. Download

Posters for ban polythene campaigns. Download

Polythene-free Gurgaon proposal to reduce use of non-food grade plastic in Gurugram by 50%. Download


Recommendations for building a Smart City. Download

An analysis of Gurugram’s infrastructure. Download


Setting up a parent committee on school fee structure. Download

The content for a signature campaign. Download


Healthcare facilities study: This study could provide pointers for similar assessment of health care delivery in other cities. Download

Suggestions for improvement of healthcare facilities submitted to Minister of Health. Download


Safety manual: This manual sets out all the aspects of safety parents and schools should consider for the safety of school children. Download

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The seven-step plan to build and run an effective citizen action for responsive governanceSuccess stories

Story 1

A woman from Nagaland is cleaning Varanasi, one ghat at a time

Imsong, 34, hails from Nagaland and is the co-founder of Sakaar Sewa Samiti. Affected by the filth she witnessed in Varanasi, Imsong decided to clean up the ghats.

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Story 2

How free wi-fi can help segregate waste. Story from Hyderabad

Chanakya and Mani founded Rekarmate in October 2016. Rekarmate is a public service initiative which seeks to rid cities of landfills, the child labour involved in the collection and dumping process and fight against the unscientific treatment of waste.

This is what they did in Hyderabad..

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Story 3

How one man transformed a barren village

The village of Kadbanwadi in the Indapur taluka of Pune in Maharashtra is the perfect example of this self-sufficient village Gandhiji envisioned. Thanks to the efforts of Bhajandas Vitthal Pawar

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