R-Urban Initiatives

Through the platform of  Gurgaon Action Plan, groups of citizens have shown that initiatives involving communities and municipal bodies can improve living conditions in the city.

R-Urban Initiatives aims to be the resource hub for communities, citizens, NGOs and corporates who want to make a difference in their village or city in the areas of health (Swasthya), education (Shiksha), sanitation (Swachtha), beauty (Sundarta), safety (Suraksha) and infrastructure for sustainability (Sanrachna).

Gurgaon Action PlanAs an ongoing initiative for promoting responsive governance, the Gurgaon Action Plan (GAP) can act as a practical guide for other such programs anywhere in the country.


Making Gurgaon a cleaner city through decentralised colony based waste management, involving waste segregation and composting.

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Ensuring a greener and cleaner city through community and municipality efforts

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Working with builders and government to provide education for construction laborers’ children.

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Helping to make the city safe for women and children

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Ensuring affordable public health for all sections.

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Building a Smart city

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Concerned about the state of the environment, health, education, and sanitation
in your city?

Ongoing Programs

Polythene free Gurgaon

Driving Gurgaon to switch to eco-friendly options.

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Jal Jagriti Abhiyaan

Raising Gurgaon depleted water table through effective rainwater harvesting

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Community Urban Farming

Engage community with farming in park spaces and give access to fresh healthy organically grown vegetables.

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Malba Hatao

The Malba Hatao Group has been working so far with MCG to put a resolution to this huge plague….
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